Manually Testing Apache Slider

Manual testing invloves using Slider package and an AppPackage to perform basic cluster functionalities such as create/destroy, flex up/down, and start/stop. A python helper script is provided that can be used to automatically test and app package.

Details to be added.


The various config parameters are:


  • package: location of the slider package
  • jdk.path: jdk path on the test hosts


  • package: location of the app package


  • yarn.application.classpath: yarn application classpaths
  • slider.zookeeper.quorum: the ZK quorum hosts
  • yarn.resourcemanager.address:
  • yarn.resourcemanager.scheduler.address:
  • fs.defaultFS: e.g. hdfs://NN_HOST:8020


  • app.user: user to use for app creation
  • hdfs.root.user: hdfs root user
  • hdfs.root.dir: HDFS root, default /slidertst
  • hdfs.user.dir: HDFS user dir, default /user
  • test.root: local test root folder, default /test
  • name of the test cluster, default tst1
  • cluster.type: cluster type to build and test, e.g. hbase,storm,accumulo