Apache Slider Service Registry

Important: This document is obsolete

This secion has been supplanted by the YARN Service Registry; a cross-application service registry built into Apache Hadoop, with special integration with the YARN Resource Manager, security in a secure cluster, and other features.

This registry , the "YARN-913" was implemented and tested by the Slider team, so we are confident that it works for Slider as well as other applications. Indeed, for the Apache Hadoop 2.6 release, Slider was the functional test suite for the registry.


The service registry is a core part of the Slider Architecture -it is how dynamically generated configurations are published for clients to pick up.

The need for a service registry goes beyond Slider, however. We effectively have application-specific registries for HBase and Accumulo, and explicit registries in Apache Helix and Apache Twill, as well as re-usable registry code in Apache Curator.

YARN-913 covers the need for YARN itself to have a service registry. This would be the ideal ultimate solution -it would operate at a fixed location/ZK path, and would be guaranteed to be on all YARN clusters, so code could be written expecting it to be there.

It could also be used to publish binding data from static applications, including HBase, Accumulo, Oozie, -applications deployed by management tools. Unless/until these applications self-published their binding data, it would be the duty of the management tools to do the registration.


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