internal.json: slider's internal configuration document

Internal information, internal.json

This contains internal data related to the deployment —it is not intended for normal use.

There MAY be a component, diagnostics. If defined, its content contains diagnostic information for support calls, and MUST NOT be interpreted during application deployment, (though it may be included in the generation of diagnostics reports)

  "schema": "",

  "metadata": {
    "description": "Internal configuration DO NOT EDIT"
  "global": {
    "name": "small_cluster",
    "application": "hdfs://cluster:8020/apps/hbase/v/1.0.0/application.tar"
  "components": {

    "diagnostics": {
      "": "(release-2.3.0) @dfe463",
      "": "2.3.0",
      "create.time.millis": "1393512091276",
      "create.time": "27 Feb 2014 14:41:31 GMT"

Chaos Monkey

The Slider application has a built in "Chaos Monkey", which is configured in the internal.json file.:

Consult "configuring the Slider Chaos Monkey" for details.